In a world marked by gentrification and resource disparities, we envision a different narrative—a narrative of equitable development. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful belief: that every community deserves the opportunity to thrive. In the face of gentrification's relentless march, we stand as advocates for inclusive growth, fostering environments where, residents, and businesses don't just survive but flourish together with the communities they love!


As the immediate past Director of the City of Milwaukee Business Improvement District #19 (Villard Avenue) from September 2018-September 2022, LADYINC VENTURES' fearless leader, Ms. Angelique  Sharpe was the boots on the ground person responsible for initiating and implementing the necessary advocacy and planning required to make the case and show the need for sufficient and equitable resources to revitalize this historically vibrant, and incredibly beautiful commercial corridor that has experienced DECADES of strategic private and public disinvestment.  In July 2023, Wisconsin Senator Tami Baldwin announced in a press release that WI voted to receive infrastructure dollars from the federal Department of Transportation.